A key factor for an enhanced learning experience for the students of PES-IUP is the teaching faculty. Each faculty member comes with years of expertise and a treasure trove of knowledge that they share with the students. Learning with them becomes an experience rather than an exercise. They exemplify excellence through their professional guidance that extends to every sphere – the classroom, the lab, or any other setting.

Faculty 280X300 12

Dr. F. Robert Buchanan

Associate Professor, International Business
Faculty 280X300 13

Dr. Fredrick Slack

Associate Professor, Department of Management
Faculty 280X300 14

Dr. James Rodger

Professor, Department of MIS
Faculty 280X300 15

Dr. Robert J. Boldin

Professor, Department of Finance and Legal Studies
Faculty 280X300 16

Dr. John Lipinski

Professor, Department of Management; Director of MBA Program
Faculty 280X300 17

Dr. Krish S. Krishnan

Professor, Department of Marketing
Faculty 280X300 18

Dr.Daniel Lawson

Associate Professor, Department of Finance and Legal Studies